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At the National Agency for Automobile and Land Transport Technology ("NALTEC") (, we may collect your personally identifiable information necessary for providing our services (providing information through the website, receiving visitor's opinions and comments, etc.) smoothly and effectively. We are committed to protecting your privacy, and will treat the information gathered appropriately and accordingly.

2.Types of Information We Collect

NALTEC's webserver automatically stores information such as the visitor's domain name,IP address, and/or access condition.
Concerning feedbacks and submissions, we may force the visitors to fill out "Personally Identifiable Information" such as address, name, age, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

3.Use Purpose

Information listed in "2-1" will be used as reference for providing better services at this site.
Information listed in "2-2", which includes personal opinions and personally identifiable information, will be used as reference for our policy planning. So we may transfer these information to the main office and/or local offices. Also we may manage to use your e-mail address,telephone number or fax number in order to contact you providing answers for your inquiries to NALTEC. Depending on the contents of your feedbacks, we may transfer your information to our related organizations.

4.Limitation of Use

We will not disclose your information to a third party or use for purposes other than those listed in "3.Use Purpose", except under certain circumstances such as legal requirements, investigation of illegal unauthorized access, threats and other illegal behaviors, etc. We may, however, disclose aggregated data on access conditions and personal information.


To prevent information leakage, loss, or damage, we take the measures necessary to safeguard information collected.
This site's access conditions and customer opinions submitted may, if necessary, be revealed to related persons for an aggregated data analysis, in which case we will make sure they take the appropriate measures in managing your information.


This Privacy Policy applies only within this website.


Please be aware that we may change this Privacy Policy. In such cases, we will notify you through this website.


If you wish to create a link to this website, please do so after giving consent to the following conditions.

You are free to set up a link to our website, however, links from the following types of websites are prohibited:

Prohibited Websites

  • Sites containing contents that could slander or damage the reputation of the NALTEC and/or others.
  • Websites with frame divisions that may cause our contents to coexist with the contents of your website, making it difficult to distinguish the contents of our website from yours.
  • Sites that does, or could infringe on the intellectual property (copyrights, trademark rights, etc.), privacy, and/or portrait rights of the NALTEC and/or others.
  • Sites containing illegal and/or inappropriate contents.
  • Sites we consider inappropriate.

If you have created a link to this website, please consult us by using our feedback form. Enter "link set-up" in the subject line, and include the following items:

  • Your name (if a corporation, name of the corporation and person in charge)
  • Your address and telephone number
  • Your website's URL
  • Brief description and purposes of your website

When creating a link, please disclose that the link is for the "NALTEC Website".

You must create a link on your own judgment and risk. Please be aware beforehand that we will not be responsible for any complaints,conpensation for losses and so on caused in connection with the creation of the link.


The "NALTEC Website" and all other contents on this website are protected by the Japanese Copyright Law and by the International Treaty's Protection of Copyright.
You may use web on this website for quotation or personal purposes only, as admitted by the Copyright Law. You may not distribute, publish, or transmit any of our contents without the authorization of the NALTEC.


We may add to,change,or remove any part of these contents of this website without notice.


Please be informed that contents of this website may be deleted or changed without notice.