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Business Contents

Research Work

Automotive Research Department

The Department provides technical supports by means of research activities to the government in its developing vehicle regulations relating to safety and the environment compatible with advanced and sophisticated new technologies, such as
automated driving systems and fuel cell vehicles, to reduce the number of casualties in traffic accidents, thereby contributing to creating a safe and secure society, and to improve fuel efficiency, exhaust emissions and noise, therby contributing to preventing environmental pollution and global warming caused by motor vehicles.

The Department flexibly and comprehensively addresses complex issues, including those related to safety (collision safety, preventive safety, electric and electronic technologies, etc.) , the environment (reduction of environmental load,
improvement of fuel efficiency, promotion of energy saving, diversification of energy sources, etc.) and related boundary area.

Proposes improved methods for examining vehicles in maintenance and periodical technical inspection in response to new technologies.

International Harmonization Promotion Department

Efforts to internationally harmonize automobile technical regulations have been
made by World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP29) within the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN-ECE).
Japan has been actively working on the development and amendment of UN regulations and UN global technical regulations under the international agreements sponsored
by UN-ECE/WP29.

To support the Japanese government’s efforts, the Department joins a variety of
meetings organized under UN-ECE/WP29 and actively proposes regulations and test
procedures making best use of the results of its studies and type approval tests, and based on Japanese advanced automobile technology, thus contributing to promoting Japanese automobile technology as part of international regulations.

Railway Certification Center

In 2012, the Railway Certification Center was accredited as the first Japanese certification body in railway sector for conformity with international standards.

Through the certification activities based on ISO/IEC 17065 for conformity assessment, the Department contributes to international deployment of railway products and technologies.

Traffic System Research Department

To help ensure safe, secure and stable operations for transportation systems such as railway and LRT (Light Rail Transit), the Department clarifies the causes of accidents, studies low cost and safer accident preventive measures, and conducts
technical assessments of new systems and rolling stock, while promoting the use of public transportation, thus contributing to solving environmental issues.

Furthermore, works on general safety and environmental issues of land transportation, such as sustainable maintenance and revitalization of local transportation, safe and secure mobility of senior citizens and vulnerable road users, and technological coordination between motor vehicles and railways.