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Category of Vehicle Inspection

Here, we will explain the main categories and subject matters of vehicle inspection.

Categories and subject matters of vehicle inspection are as listed below. Periodical inspection, generally known as "sha-ken" ("shaken"), refers to Renewal Inspection.

1.Initial Inspection

Inspection to undergo when initially operating the vehicle.
Or, inspection to undergo when re-operating a vehicle that had been suspended.

2.Renewal Inspection

Inspection to undergo when operating the vehicle after the expiration of valid term of the motor vehicle inspection certificate.

3.Modification Inspection

Inspection to undergo when modifications are made concerning the length, width, height, maximum loading capacity and so on of the vehicle.

4.Roadside Inspection

Inspection carried out on the roadside to bar out vehicles with poor maintenance and vehicles with unauthorized modification.

  • ther inspections include Preliminary Inspection and Emergency Inspection.
  • Inspections will be carried out at National Agency of Vehicle Inspection's inspection stations located at Transport Branch Offices or Vehicle Inspection and Registration Offices nationwide.
  • Modification Inspection is unnecessary as long as changes in the vehicle's length, width, and height are within a certain range.
  • Renewal Inspection can be undergone at any inspection station nationwide, but Initial Inspection and Modification Inspection must be undergone at an inspection station that has jurisdiction over the district where you will be mainly operating your motor vehicle.
  • Concerning mini-sized motor vehicles, the Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Organization carries out similar inspections.

Valid Term of Vehicle Inspection Certificate

Type of Vehicle
Valid Term
First inspection From the 2nd inspection
Trucks over 8 tons 1 year 1 year
under 8 tons 2 years 1 year
Buses/Taxis 1 year 1 year
Rental Cars (Passenger cars only) 2 years 3 years
Mini-sized Trucks
Small-sized Motorcycles
Large-sized Special Motor Vehicles
2 years 2 years
Private Passenger Motor Vehicles
Mini-sized Passenger Motor Vehicles
3 years 2 years