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Business Contents

Business Contents

Approximate Costs

Here, we will explain the necessary costs for undergoing Renewal Inspection.

Upon receiving vehicle inspection, you will need to pay the inspection service charge along with other supplementary costs (taxes, insurance).
You may also need checks and maintenance fees, which will vary depending on your vehicle's conditions and number of damaged parts. Needless to say, daily checks and proper maintenance will contribute to the reduction of these costs.

Legal costs (Service fees and taxes paid to the government, obligatory costs)

  • Inspection Service Charge
  • Motor Vehicle Weight Tax
  • Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Fee

Other costs

  • Maintenance fees
  • Replacement-parts costs
  • Agent charges
  • Document fees

Inspection Service Charge

指定整備工場経由の場合 1両につき、1,100円(国の印紙1,100円)
継続検査 小型自動車 1両につき、1,700円(国の印紙 400円+法人の証紙1,300円)
小型自動車以外の自動車 1両につき、1,800円(国の印紙 400円+法人の証紙1,400円)
その他の検査の場合 小型自動車 1両につき、2,000円(国の印紙 400円+法人の証紙1,600円)
小型自動車以外の自動車 1両につき、2,100円(国の印紙 400円+法人の証紙1,700円)
限定自動車検査証提出の場合 1両につき、1,300円(国の印紙 400円+法人の証紙900円)

Motor Vehicle Weight Tax

Motor Vehicle Weight Tax is the resource for maintaining the roads and fulfilling other social capitals. Vehicles are taxed according to their types and weights.

Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Fee

Motor Vehicle liability insurance is the insurance established in order to "guarantee a minimum compensation for vehicle accident victims without resignation". As it is called the "enforced insurance", it is obligatory for all vehicles using public roads to be insured. Insurance fees vary depending on vehicle categories and terms of insurance.

Maintenance fees (check/repair fees), Replacement-parts costs, Agent charges, etc.

You will also need maintenance service fees if you leave vehicle maintenance at a maintenance garage, replacement-parts costs if replacements in vehicle parts are necessary as a result of the inspection, and agent fees if you delegate the inspection processes to an agent such as dealer, etc. These costs and fees will vary depending on each agent and maintenance garage.

Document Fees

Renewal Inspection Application Forms cost approximately 30 yen and can be purchased at administrative lawyer offices located near Transport Branch Offices, etc.
Vehicle Inspection Result Slips and Motor Vehicle Weight Tax Payment Slips are distributed free of charge at out application reception counters.