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Checks and Maintenance

For items that cannot be checked on your own, consult a maintenance garage near you.

Checks and Maintenance of Your Vehicle

The Road Vehicle Act states that vehicle users are responsible for the maintenance of their own vehicles (self-maintenance responsibility), and are obliged to carry out daily and periodic checks and maintenance. Passing an inspection once does not guarantee the safety of the vehicle within the valid term, thus users must not neglect carrying out daily checks and maintenance, and must strive to secure vehicle safety and to prevent pollution.

Differences between Inspection, and Checks-and-Maintenance

Vehicle inspections are carried out by the government periodically, to check if the vehicle conforms to the safety/environmental standards at the time of the inspection.
Vehicle checks and maintenance, on the other hand, refer to the checks and maintenance users (and maintenance garages) must carry out whenever necessary, as users are responsible for the maintenance of their own vehicles (self-maintenance responsibility).
Thus, inspections and checks-and-maintenance are not directly linked.

Daily Checks

Daily checks refer to checks the user is responsible for during the daily operations of the vehicle. This check can be carried out easily by sitting at the driver's seat, checking the engine room, walking around the vehicle and checking its condition, etc.

Periodic Checks and Maintenance

Periodic checks and maintenance refers to maintenance carried out periodically in order to prevent vehicle breakdowns and to maintain its performance.
For passenger automobiles, periodic checks and maintenance are carried out once a year, or once every two years.

For information on the Records of Periodic Checks, Maintenance and Repairs, clickhere. .